The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.

This is it. My bags are packed, and most of the goodbyes are said. In 13 hours I am leaving GC. I still have to say goodbye to my best friends and of course to my coordinator tomorrow morning.

I rememer the day I came here so clearly. I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since that day.I came here all alone, I didn’t know anyone, didn’t speak the language. I came here to live with people I had never met, in a city far away from Finland. So much have changed since that day. People who I didn’t know existed 10 months ago are now some of the most important people in my life. I feel at home in the city of Las Palmas that I now know like the back of my hand. Home is where you are surrounded by people who love you, and where you can be yourself. Home is where you feel safe. Home is a place that you miss when you are away. ❤

I’ve lived, i’ve grown, and mostly i have learned. Coming here for a year was a dream come true.I know that hard work pays off, because I have learned to speak a new language. I know that distance is hard, because i’ve been far away for a long time, and I know what it’s like to miss someone so much it hurts. I also know that true friends and family will stand by you no matter what. I know what it’s like to feel lonely, and misunderstood, but i also know what it’s like to make new friends and finding a new place where you belong. I have learned to appriciate what I have and where I come from, because everyone doesn’t have everything I do . I’ve learned to enjoy and cherish every momet, because soon they are nothing but a memory.

I’m only 18 years old, but I’ve experienced so much.I haven’t been an exhange student only once, but twice. I have a home in Finland, in California and now in Gran Canaria. I have learned to speak 5 languages.
Being an exchange student has been one of the greatest things i’ve ever done and something impossible to explain in words. I wish everyone could experience what i have experienced. But every ending is a new beginning, and im looking forward to see where my life will take me next. i’ll never forget my time here in Gran Canaria, These people and this place will always have a special place in my heart. ❤ And this wasnt the last time i sat foot on this island. I’ll be back!!

Adios gran canaria, adios exchange year, adios blog. See you soon Finland. ❤



No quiero salir de aqui







Last night was alot of fun. My last night of going out in Gran Canaria. 😥 We went to dinner at Wok in El Muelle, it was soo good! And then we went to urban. Then it was time for more goodbyes. I’ll miss everyone so much!! Today I have to pack, i’m gonna start right now and try to get everything ready until the evening so I can go to the city one last time. Gonna meet Arabia and go eat some churros. Then i’m gonna go over to Julia’s and say goodbye to her family. And tomorrow early morning i’m leaving… So sad!!! But i’m excited to get back home : )

I’ll probably blog one last time before I leave, so adios for now 💕

My week

Heyy ❤

I’m going home in 3 days! How crazy!
I’ve had some problems with the internet in my phone, it hasn’t been working since monday so I’ve had difficulties posting. I just went to the city to buy some last stuff I need before I go. I also bought that camera cabel so maybe I’ll upload photos later. (:

This week has been soo great. My friends have kept me super busy. Monday I went to Vegueta, tuesday Agaete, wednesday maspalomas&playa del ingles. Tonight i’m going to a birthday party, tomorrow my friend is having a goodbye dinner for me and then we are gonna go party, saturday I have to pack. Sunday morning i’ll be on a plane. My coordinator bough the cutest suitcase for me last night as a goodbye present, so hopefully all my stuff will fit in my 2 suitcases!!

Now gotta run, until later ❤

El gran Gatsby

Hola amigos ❤

I had such a great day yesterday and I took loads of photos but I still haven’t bought a new cabel so about that later:) i’ll try to go buy one tomorrow! Maybe

Tonight I went to the cinema. Sundays are perfect moviedays. Me and Julia were thinking of going to see fast and furious or the great gatsby, well in the end we went to see the great gatsby, we’ll go see fast and furious some other day if we have time.. So few days left, so much to do! Julia thought I was leaving later so when she realized i’m leaving next sunday she got all stressed thinking about how little time there is, she’s soo sweet.. ❤ Julia was my first friend in GC, i met her the same day that I got here I think, because she lives next door. The movie was really good anyway! And really long, just got back from the city now. Tomorrows plans are still a bit open, depending on how the weather is tomorrow.. You never know!



Things have actually gone really well living with my coordinator. Her two other kids got here on friday, a girl who is a few years younger than me and a younger boy.. And then there’s the other boy upstairs. And she makes super yummy food. 😊 She told me that when I come back to GC on vacations I’m more than welcome to stay here whenever I want too. Really sweet of her!


Now or never


Had a perfect start to my summerholiday last night! Started off the evening with dinner at this sandwich bar with a group of about 13 people, both old and new faces. It’s definietly one of my favourite places, they have a houndred of different small sandwiches and then you just order loads of different ones!
After that we went to Heineken which wasn’t Heineken anymore, the place was totally changed since I last went there, it had a new name and everything but can’t remember what it was..





Blogging from my phone again, iphone quality…

Today the weather is perfect !! now it’s time for lunch and then i’m gonna spend the day outside! My friend Oscar is taking me to some place I apparently have to see before I go haha. My friends are so cute they are just trying to make my last week really special. ❤



School’s out, summer’s in! No more Spanish high school ever again ! We didn’t have any classes today, we were just chilling and playing ping pong and of course I went to say goodbye to teachers and students. Like i’ve said i’m not gonna miss the Spanish school system so much but i’m gonna miss my class and my teachers! They were all a big part of my year here:)
Also today is the birthday of one of the boys in my class so we celebrated that as well.

^^birthday boy with his cider bottle

^^my spanish class(well what’s left of it) 1*BHS i’ll never forget you❤ thank you for this year!

Tonight it’s time to celebrate!!!



Hello blog💕

Today is my first day living with my coordinator. After school I got home and she made a nice salad for me for lunch, at least we share the same taste in healthy food! it was so weird walking into my house, it looks soo different now. And they have the smallwst dog i’ve ever seen, i’m so scared i’m gonna step on it or something haha! Anyway she told me I have to live in the downstairs apartment until I leave because her son is gonna live upstairs, so I had to get all my things from there and move them down here… Kind of annoying, i’m only here for 10 days so it would have been alot easier to just stay there. She helped me put my clothes in my new closet and her eyes just got bigger every time I came down with a new bag of clothes… Yup, I have alot! So now i’m staying in a room that used to be my host mums office.

Some photos from my new room…

Me right now taking a break… Everyone just went somewhere so it got all nice and quiet after hours of people carrying all the furniture around. the only thing missing from my room is a mirror.. have to get one from somewhere. Oh and guess what….tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Summerholidayy here I come 😉

Until later ❤❤❤